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Partner Ball is the most original, most reliable & best rugby training ball for practising on your own!  By throwing the rounded end at a wall the Partner Ball rebounds and spirals back to the passer offering players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to perfect their individual technique and skills on their own.  Perfect your spin pass, line-out throwing, scrum-half passing and even your drop kicking skills.

Partner Ball can also be used to enhance and add to the, already fantastic, coaching sessions that players take part in.  The ball allows coaches to take a step back and assess a player’s technique, particularly in one-on-one sessions.  For example, a coach can look at his/her scrum-half repeating passes over again, with just a wall and one ball, or alternatively, a coach can ask his players to carry out passing practice on their own with the Partner Ball, whilst he/she works one-on-one with their place kicker.

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Partner Ball:

  • Is great for all round fun or serious training;
  • Improves your passing accuracy and efficiency, off both your left and right hands;
  • Strengthens and stabilises passing muscles;
  • Develops catching accuracy and efficiency;
  • Can be used to monitor results through specific targets;
  • Develops reaction levels through rebounds;
  • Gives more than 40 repetitions per minute;
  • Can be used for 10 minutes per day to perfect your passing & catching;
  • Has numerous warm up applications.

Whatever your ability levels, rapidly improve your passing skills through repetition using Partner Ball; the essential rugby training tool for all!